Emrys Blackfox

A tall, wily man with bronze hair, a pointy nose and beard, and a thin, curly mustache.


Level 1
Race Human
Class Warrior
XP 31 / 1000

HP 7
AC 10

STR 15 ( +1 )
AGI 6 ( -1 )
STA 9 ( +0 )
PRS 10 ( +0 )
INT 9 ( +0 )
LCK 3 ( -3 )

Fort +1
Ref +0
Will +0

Lucky Roll The Broken Star (Fumbles)

Attack +1d3
Crit Die/Table 1d12/III
Threat Range 19-20
Ref, Fort, Will +1, +1, +0


Old rag doll
Long sword
Padded Armor (+1)
Torches (10)
Grappling hook
Rope (50 ft.)
Iron spike (10)
Hammer, small
Chalk (10)
Flint & steel

Money 210 gp


After the ordeal at Castle Von Zarovich, Emrys could never touch an instrument again. His life has become a patchwork of mercenary jobs, banditry, and wandering. Guilt follows closely at his heels, as he holds himself accountable for an orphan girl’s (Anwen, her name was) death. In recent years he has become a loyal follower of King Bolemdyr, and privately affects his rule upon brigands and criminals, though he is considered by the city of Absalom to be a brigand himself, as he steals from the rich.

Emrys has made a name for himself as The Black Fox, a man clad in black half-cloak, a formidable duelist who robs noble caravans.

Emrys Blackfox

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