The Hunt is on...

Episode 105: A Whiff of Rabit's Trail

Campaign Date: Scintas 7 – Dastas 8 32KR

There was chaos in the Merchant Quarter come morning of this day. A stunt was pulled by the cunning, Wynndel Wolfram. The many ropes and nets laden with tons of Trade goods were torn from their ceiling-like fixtures after tying a portion to the back of a Double-snakebush-Rhino and having it pull forward through the throng of shoppers and shops.

The company of hunters took advantage of the wreckage: Weapons and armor, as well as some goods, were swiped from the great network of fallen nets. Fights almost broke out but were quickly quelled thanks to Rant’s affiliation and authority with Prince Elric’s Hired Swords

Supplies were gathered as day became night. The lot was welcomed and attended to in House Hearth Heart – a once formidable blacksmithing guild founded in ancient dwarven customs. The workers here employed a rare politeness with their ‘questionable’ customers. It seems a sense of brotherhood has emerged among those few who remain loyal to both Absalom’s former glory and the almost abandoned desire to live.

After meeting up with Highmage Ichabod, Rant, Eva, Abalard, Wynndel, and Servo set out northward for the Shieldwall Mountains – Death’s frontier. They reached the frigid mountain steppes, they rested at an abandoned mining thorp that Ichabod called Mulbery End after traveling for 2 days on horseback across fields and rivers and under skies choked with life. The group was attacked in the night – and would have been killed hadn’t they remained vigilant in their ‘watch’ shifts. A great mountain beast – one twisted in the likeness of a demonic feline – was their assailant. The creature’s might was unatural and terrifying – could this be the result of it’s proximity to the Great Shadow?



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