Sea of Stars

Dreaming of the sea2

If a ship’s prow is not cutting through the shiny black surface of the Sea of Stars, it appears to be a solid, flat plain of perfect obsidian, spreading as far as the eye can see in all directions. It is not waves and weather that rowing vessels must beware of here, for the waters are eerily still and there is little wind, but strange creatures that dwell in the deep, and the madness of infinity.

Because the currents never disturb the tide, sailors have gone insane, slipping forever toward a stagnant horizon; the scenery never changes, indeed, it seems that a ship does not even move at all, as in one forgotten poem: “As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean.”

But there is beauty in the Star Ocean, for its name refers to the endless reflected diamonds that sparkle and dazzle on the onyx mirror, until it seems very soon, at night, when one looks up into the sky and down into the sky, that they are floating in the vastness of space with all the stars of the cosmos around them.

The Sea of Stars is impossible to navigate without a very special and precise compass. Maps are useless.

Sea of Stars

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