Foreign Quarter

Welcome to the Jungle…
Buried deep behind a mighty wall of iron in the north eastern part of Absalom is what locals call the Foreign Quarter. All manner of monstrous humanoids and less savory types dwell in these scrap heaped streets. It is almost a separate city unto itself, with its denizens rarely leaving the massive gates.

Once inside, the view is one of a town in ruins. Buildings crumble to the ground, the streets are cracked and filled with potholes, smoke issues forth from various bonfires scattered throughout the quarter’s empty courtyards, refugees huddle around them for light and warmth. The sky is filled with a grey smog that billows forth from the groaning factories. The multi-coloured pulse lanterns bath the quarter in a surreal, twilight glow. Hissing steam spews from somewhere beneath the streets. Every few hours a chorus of screams echoes off the abandoned buildings as another gang brawl breaks out. The roar of Finnbar’s rovers rips the air like a tiger’s cry. Simple folk scurry into their makeshift shelters, rich crime lords settle into their bloodstained plush chairs, and the brave few of the resistance carve out secret strongholds and work under cover of night to undo the cruel gangs and their bosses. The corrupted Holy Laymen pray at the feet of their metallic shrines and infuse their blood with quicksilver so that they may rise to the power of the gods they worship.

Rising up out of the smoke and ruin are the great Metal Mountains, two colossal towers of scrap iron, bronze and steel, monumental remnants of the Forge Wars. The ancient Firesmiths created so many weapons that the spare metal rose to a thousand feet high in both piles. There are rumors that within these rusted pillars is housed the legendary hideout of Finnbar the Talon.

Places of Interest

Granelda’s Floral and Forge
The Slag

Orders & Organizations

Holy Laymen
Iron Riders
Scavengers Guild

Foreign Quarter

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