Essence is the ultimate stimulatory drug. It heightens the senses dramatically. An overdose may induce paralysis and psychosis. It is mercilessly addictive and comes at a high price. Lord Gorro has been distributing it savagely since his rise in Absalom. The product is particularly receptive and sought after among Casters. Mages of both the Sage Council and the Arcane Academy have been seen abusing the substance – which affects their highly tuned minds 10 times as potently as those less atuned.

Symptoms of one who uses Essence include: Completely black eyes (sometimes leaking black fluid). Veins darken where they are closest to the surface. Red skin. Hair loss. Users often suffer from Periodical Dimentia – which worsens depending on regularity of abuse. The redenning of skin also increases with frequent use – the result of microscopic lacerations

Methods of Use:

Ingrediants: It is believed that essence derives from finely ground magical


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