When the other races began to inhabit the Old Kingdom, they came from far and wide, many different peoples coming from many different places. One of these peoples were the Dûminok. They were a branch of humans from the far south with extremely potent blood, blood that made them resistant to diseases and poisons. Because of this ability, they were able to live much longer than other humans and in turn to gain positions of power, for no city wants sickly rulers, and the Dûminok never grew sick.

Assassination attempts by poison always proved fruitless, and so killing a Dûminok ruler off discreetly was extremely difficult. In their glory, these fortunate humans became greedy and desired more and more power, more lands to lord over and more subjects to command. They allied with the Vassiri against the Lykos, who had vast, rich kingdoms ripe for the taking. But many Dûminok died at the hands of the skilled Lykos warriors and soon their numbers were dwindling. So they made a pact with devils.

Devils are beings not to be trusted; for their end of the bargain, they promised the Dûminok dark, untold power. Unbeknownst to the power hungry humans, the devils planned to inject their bloodlines with the pedigree of a powerful demon prince, thus turning them into devil spawn and creating for him a whole new army of fiendish slaves. What the devils did not count on was the potency of Dûminok blood.

The humans resisted the curse, but only by half. They were not enslaved by the demon prince, who’s name is now forgotten, but their bodies were turned half into devils and their precious blood was diluted and thinned to a quality less than that of normal humans. So the Dûminok race was lost and their heirs became the shattered tieflings, and their children’s children all down the ages are doomed forever to their half-devil form.

The Vassiri quickly turned against the Dûminok when they proved to be of no further use, slaying them by the score and taking over their cities and castles. It is because of the Dûminok that so much of the Old Kingdom has fallen into ruin, and whether rightfully or not, their children suffer for it at the hands of the rest of the Old Kingdom.


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