SeasonsAlphonse mucha four seasons

There are 56 days in each season. Each season is embodied by an ethereal goddess of the same name.

Petiolt The Petal Season

Ifiolt The Fire Season

Desiolt/Geldiolt The Falling Season/The Golden Season

Iciolt The Ice Season

Days of the Week

There are 6 days in a week, 9 weeks in a season, two of which have a 7th day.

Gromnas Day of Grooming

Lumanas Day of the Moon

Scintas Day of the Scent

Dastas Day of Running

Helitas Day of the Hunt

Kilas Day of the Kill

There are 2 extra days per season.

Fentas Day of Feasting At the end of the 5th week.

Palkas Day of the Pack At the beginning of the 1st week.

The days of the week are only counted as each individual day arrives. In the first week, each day would have the title the first attached to it. In the fourth week, fourth, etc. For example, Scintas the 7th would be in the 7th week of the season.


There are 224 days in a year.

In the modern day Southlands, people find it simpler to follow the years by counting the current King’s Reign (KR). Currently in the Old Kingdom, the year is 32 KR (King Bolemdyr).

Those who follow the Old Reckoning (OR) count the years since the Lykos ripped the world from the Godbeasts. The current year by that standard is 6067 OR.


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