Arcane Academy

Located at the heart of the Wise Quarter, this ominous white tower is made of solid marble, or something very much like it, perhaps of a magical quality. At a certain time of day, from a certain distance, the tower can be seen to bend and shimmer, like a quill halfway in a vial of water or a mirage above the desert sands. Highmage Ichabod of the Sage Council has offered the following explanation on the matter:

“Sometimes things happen which we cannot explain as a result of the magic we practice.”

When asked if it is possible that the tower was built upon a gateway rift to another Plane, he had this to say:

“It’s possible.”

No further news has surfaced on the issue. The people of Absalom continue to scratch their heads around four in the afternoon as the tower begins its daily dance.

Perplexing phenomenons aside, the tower serves as Absalom’s school of wizardy. Each year many hopeful students take the rigorous tests, but only a select few are ever accepted into the shining white halls to learn of magic and other secret things.

Arcane Academy

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