A tall, wiry tiefling with sand coloured skin, silver eyes and one broken horn.


“I have much to atone for. My ancestors have caused hatred and death to echo down the ages, and still I suffer the curse of their crimes – the devils’ skin wraps itself around my bones. All I can do is offer myself to the world that they shattered.

“In a place obscured by swirling mists, where the trees grow thick and high, and the stars are strange, so numerous that they almost blanket the entire night sky in a soft white glow, I found my calling. These are the lands of the Undying Moon, where our world faces a piece of the cosmos so ripe with suns that there is no night or day, only perpetual, shining twilight.

“It is here that I wandered, and met the Toruuvol, the Children of Light. Whether they are elves, or fey folk, or some other beings, I cannot say, but they did speak the elvish tongue. I doubt whether they were elves because they took me in without judgement or piousness, where other elves have always regarded my kind with contempt.

“They spoke to me of trees, water, wind, light; their business is life. I learned what I could, meditating and dreaming long segments of time, time that could not be measured without the passage of the sun and the moon to guide me. After many, many dreams, the Toruuvol, as they call themselves in the language of elves, cast me out of their secret land to do their work, the work of life, in the world my ancestors defiled. I do not know how to return there, or how to contact them again.

“So I wander over hill and stream, through wood, under mountain and into the very heart of death – the evil machines mortals call cities. My power is but a fraction of those who taught me, but I will do what I can to bring light and green things back to the world. My blood binds me to a past defined by evil deeds; I will not let that blood define the present. I will pay the ultimate sacrifice to make all the lands whole once more. My life is Hers, the Mother of Life.”

This sand coloured tiefling stands tall and slender – it is clear he is no master of combat. His movements are graceful and quiet. While he seems peaceful, there is also a sadness within his pupil-less silver eyes. One of his thick, curving horns is broken off at the base.

He wears simple, loose cloth of dark colour, and some pieces of leather.


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