The Hunt is on...

Episode 102: Just another day in Absalom

Campaign Date: Gromnas 5 32KR

The party split at dawn. Rant, Emrys, Abalard, and Servo travelled north towards Azlanti Keep. Along the way, the good cleric had the party stop at a majestic abandoned cathedral – the center of the Ascendant Court. He was praised by a lonely friar named Timote when he channeled what little divine energy remained at the religious site through him and mended the Black Fox’s crippled arm. At Azlanti Keep, Rant underwent the Prince’s initiation ceremony. He was given the deed to the old Captain’s Quarters in Fort Tempest after receiving a vicious beating from Prince Elric himself. The lot proceeded to make their way through town until they met up with their companions along the fine streets of Absalom’s artistic and musical center, the Ivy District.

The other half of the party – Phil, Eva, and Wynndel made good progress in their search for the notorious war criminal known as White Rabbit. They bargained with a plump herb smoking merchant with a fondness for all things animalistic named Sebastian. They tricked some competitors – the Boon Brothers and ruined their stock in exchange for information from Sebastian. The group discovered that White Rabbit had tampered with black magic – the same field of study of which Absalom‘s very own Sage Council happen to be experts. They tracked down a nameless courtier of the council and followed him to a bar in the Ivy District called Rhapsodies Inn where the man drank heavily. He was one of Highmage Ichabod’s courtiers and told foolishly told the inquisitive bunch of his master’s whereabouts. The drug addicted wizard had been missing since last night and is believed to be hiding among one of the shanty brothels or drug den’s tucked in The Puddles.

There was chaos after the dialogue. Phil shoved the courtier to the ground where people gathered in awe at his shrieks. The thief took the opportunity to try and swipe some Essence from a dealer who was in the midst of selling his wares to some musicians. The swift dealer caught on, however, and a fight broke out. The group – conveniently united at this exact moment – quickly surrounded and attacked the dealer, who seemed bewildered and appalled by the group’s actions. He was formidable but was conquered by a slip of the blade through the ribs at the hand of Emrys and a considerable amount of fear and intimidation by the newly appointed Captain of the Hired Swords, Rant Mcksnippet. The captain’s presence stirred the agitated crowd – who insulted him – claiming the shoes he filled were those of a good captain. They noticed his helm – which was worn by the late Captain Darius The Kind. The helm had been marked by the prince’s blood. It was as a symbol – Absalom’s previous compassionate ways had been twisted by fear and bloodshed… The dealer was quick to leave with his life only after relieving himself of almost a pound of Essence.

Night has fallen. It is cold and snowing despite it being mid-summer. Our heroes, standing tall with new-found power, title, and friends, march united through the bustling city south towards the slums known as The Puddles where they intend to find the insane Highmage Ichabod and become one step closer to White Rabbit



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