The Hunt is on...

Episode 104: Forbidden Dreams

Campaign Date: Lumanas 6 32KR

The dreadful violence of the place slowed only Captain Mcksnippit and the unconscious Emrys Blackfox – who had suffered grievous wounds upon encountering a massive brothel frequenter. Rant spent his time guarding Emrys and tending to his comrade’s injuries.

Elsewhere, Eva, Wynndel, Abalard, and Servo tracked down the eldritch key needed to open the door to the lair’s “main baths”. They did so only after enchanting and butchering a room of agitated Essence users and throttling a few jittery Goblinoids in the key’s chamber. Several Trap’s were avoided – one such obstacle was a magical ward placed on the key. A sleeping Essence-crazed priest was woken and tricked into activating the lethal sorcery.

The great metal door to the main baths opened into the top of an old mechanical lift. The mechanism was guarded by a lift-operating and greatsword wielding abomination. The construct was promptly paralyzed by Abalard – at which point the group entered the main bath below.

The hunters discovered Highmage Ichabod of Absalom and his company: two Eladrin women. Twins. There were not one, but two White Rabbit‘s. Or so it seemed. The creatures disappeared into the great steam of Ichabod’s essence-vapor. It stuffed the room so thickly that upon breathing one would consume an almost lethal amount. The density of the cloud lasted only seconds but it was enough to burst forcefully into the Thief and whip willingly into Servo.

Two Wynndels emerged from the steam as well as two Abalards. Insanity clawed up the throat’s of the combatants trapped within the mage’s vicious trip. The party struggled with the shape-shifters but managed to slay the priestly impostor. Upon being hacked at by the wizard and the elf, the creature’s true form poked through the chamber’s Arcane veil. Reality began to reveal itself through the impossibilities within the warped space.

The powerful magic was dispelled as Ichabod’s forbidden-fetish trip came to a crescendo. Collectively, the group quelled the eldritch energies about the chamber and shed the Essence induced existence. They had actually been standing knee deep in the bath for the past hour alongside Ichabod and his ‘torsos’. After a two nights of constant essence use – the exhausted mage has a change of heart.

After witnessing the party’s prowess in The Hunting Grounds and incredible resolve within his Den, the Highmage agrees to assist them in their effort to find the war criminal White Rabbit. Ichabod suggests locating White Rabbit‘s demon-sensei, Vulgrim. The creature has been mentioned to the Sage Council on a couple occasions – during contact with another similar being – one who serves the council when called upon. The advisor knows well of Vulgrim and certainly knows of it’s whereabouts. Vulgrim will assuredly accompany his pupil – wherever that may be…

A dark ritual must be completed in order to summon the Demon Advisor of the Sage Council. It is to be cast at a specific place – a site beyond Absalom‘s walls. A shrine perched in the great Shieldwall mountains – Death’s frontier. The ancient creature is known to few of this world but many of the next as the Oni Loremaster, the all-knowing Demon of Limbo…



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