The Hunt is on...

Episode 103: Bloodbath in the Brothels

Campaign Date: Gromnas 5 32KR

The champions of Absalom have made their way through the mad city and into the Puddles. The slums were as frightening as they were tragic. They tricked and fought their way through a horde of essence addicted dogs and crows – creatures who had fed on the dead of the slums. These dead had all been killed as a result of the alchemical concoction. It was from this drug-laden flesh that the dependency was born within the beasts and birds. Over 4 dozen hounds had gathered about a ruined bathhouse – once the district’s and the city’s jewels. The dogs could smell Essence – a very large amount of it. The players plunged into the ruins below where they encountered a twisted brothel and drug den. Goblins climbed about the great fat and sore-ridden body of a woman who had been chained there to serve as an object of pleasure for the entirety of her life. The merciful cleric, Abalard, as well as the Black Fox, Emrys, gave her a swift and clean death after the party decimated the drug and sex crazed goblins. Their bodies were cleaved by the enchanted glaive wielding elf, Eva. Thankfully Wynndel was present to warn the group of traps and hazards – only Captain Mcksnippit sustained minor injuries from a pit.
After narrowly escaping the clutches of an insanely ‘excited’ Ogre and his ‘maidens’ the players have come to safety within a small, silo-like, metal chamber. They proceeded to breath consciousness back into the fallen Emrys – who had been whipped across the Ogre’s bath chamber.
A ladder climbs into darkness above…



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