The Hunt is on...

Episode 101: The Prince's Pleasure

Campaign Date: Kilas 4 32 KR

The feeble Prince Elric puts on a bloodbath at the Hunting Grounds, Absalom’s gladiatorial arena. The heroes, some slaves forced to fight for their freedom, some simply contenders for glory, do battle against a grotesque, fleshy creature with seven legs. None too soon, a nameless wizard calls upon his patron in a display of power like nothing seen in Absalom before, rending the heavens and bringing swift and ultimate death to the beast. Prince Elric is pleased and offers the champions of the combat a place in his personal guard.

Notes: Of the champions, a talented mercenary by the name of Phil is counted, and a cutpurse named Rant. Phil, much to the surprise of all, gives Eva the elf one hundred gold pieces to free an elven slave girl. The ex-minstrel Emrys comes out of the battle with little more than his freedom, one of his arms completely destroyed. With only some of the heroes swearing fealty to the corrupt prince, it is uncertain in which direction the party will move forward.



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